26. Nov, 2018


*Backporch, your music style and infectious vibe always goes down well - you're such a crowd pleaser for all ages with your selection of great songs. We hope you'll be joining us for future events!

*What a fabulous evening’s entertainment you provided for us yesterday. As always, you put on such a great show – wonderful toe-tapping music and such a lovely vibe.

*Nobody would have guessed that you weren’t feeling your best – you put so much energy and vitality into your performance and left everyone feeling so upbeat afterwards.

*I have never been to a party and danced the whole night! And I have never been to a party and seen everyone else dance the whole night – a great testament to your music! Thanks.

*Thank you so much for last night, everyone had a blast. You were right, you didn't let me down, absolutely awesome.

*WOW – did we have a party, or did we have a party? Our games weekend at Katikati and Rio carnival party to celebrate our membership reaching 1000 (it is now over 1100) was the best party I have ever been to. With the electric atmosphere, fantastic live music and a great bunch of happy people dancing the night away, how could it not be a success?

*The party atmosphere started on the band’s first beat and so we partied and partied and partied for 3 hours solid. I have never seen such a great party atmosphere. Everyone was happy, energetic and just having a good time. By the time the band had to leave, we were gagging for more!

*We haven’t danced together for ages - we really enjoyed it.”

*“I really enjoyed myself, and the band in particular was really great.

*Saturday night was amazing with the ‘Back Porch’ band!

*Had a great time catching up with a few people and meeting others for the first time. And was the band awesome or was the band awesome? They set the mood right from the start and kept it up for 3 hours!”